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SC100 (surface coat) modifies the surface characteristics of a substrate. Applied in full coverage, this water-based, latex-free formulation mimics the outer skin inherent on some foam materials. SC100 does not occlude moisture vapor transfer, allowing continued breathability of the base substrate. This reduces heat build-up and moisture which ensures overall comfort.

SC100 can be directly cast on a wide range of HyPUR-cel® polyurethane foam in the continuous roll-to-roll form at various widths. To ensure cleanliness, SC100 satisfies the AATCC 61 requirements for 2A wash testing. The SC100 coating allows the substrate breathability along with excellent durability, enhanced strength, improved elasticity and will benefit many performance applications.

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Characteristics of this highly engineered and thermoformable product are excellent for use in orthopedic wraps/braces, as a latex-free, neoprene alternative. Other applications include medical, automotive, recreational, outdoor, safety or padding/cushioning applications where a strong, elastic, breathable and durable surface is desired.

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